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Hotel «Kristella» in Pyatigorsk

The luxurious Hotel Kristella opened in the center of the resort town Pyatigorsk in May 2016. It is located in the ecologically clean part of the city surrounded by the greenery of the private sector around. Public transport is in walking distance. The nearest airport “Mineralnyye Vody” is 20 km away. The European architecture of the facade of the building and the splendid interior create the atmosphere of genuine luxury and beauty. The central location and proximity to the historical sights have in many ways determined the hotel’s appearance: it is all about the cozy atmosphere and European chic. The windows overlook the legendary Caucasus Mountains surrounding the hotel and fascinating with their beauty.

Hotel Kristella in Pyatigorsk

Hotel Kristella in Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk is the "pearl" of the Caucasian mineral waters. The town is located at the foot of Mashuk and Beshtau mountains. For a long time Pyatigorsk has been famous for its health-giving springs. Its shady parks provide a hide from the scorching heat. There are many architectural monuments and historical centers in the town.
Pyatigorsk always happily welcomes guests. Our hotel allows you to combine European service and Caucasian hospitality.

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